Day 5 Update: "Yeah I know I'm a target, thanks."

19 March 2020 -

Sun today, and the jasmine on our terrace smells wonderful.

This is our last update for a while. We started this as an email that got a little big. The intention was to try and give folks a little running start without causing too much apprehension. Now that Las Vegas is shut down there are many other sources of information and news to follow. We’re going to get back to making ceramics.

If some other eventful items happen we’ll drop a note. If anyone has specific questions drop us a note.

So that global pandemic. Last few items.

If you know some young folks, could you remind them that this is not only killing old folks.

Spain’s numbers are still going up. Now we’re at 13,000- tests confirmed an 18% increase from yesterday. Deaths, yes people are dying no need to get into numbers.

Folks here are more relaxed now. It seems to have taken 3 to 4 days to get all adjusted to the new situation and are moving forward the best we can with the new situation.

The new items that look likely to increase stress again - the health system trying to keep pace. Supplies, beds, personnel.

You can make more beds, masks and other supplies. Medical personnel have a pretty long production time.

This is happening with 13,000 confirmed infections in a country of 46 million people, and the third most efficient health system in the world (1@13:08, 2, 3, 4 All based on same report).

Just something to consider - what can you do to help in your community?

My 86 year-old neighbor out walking his dog this morning shouted across the street to his friend, “Yeah I know I'm a target, thanks.” Then continued on his way.