We created Taller Gingell to make small batch heirloom ceramics. The things around us reflect choices we make. The idea is to make ceramics with craftsmanship and care that reflect both tradition and what’s happening today.

We mix small batch glazes and slip bodies. Our clays come from local sources near our studio. We select clay and fire our products for durability that will last for years. Technically speaking, our stoneware ceramics are mid-fired to 1236ºC (cone 6).

In running our studio we’ve made choices to try and make the world a little better. Big change starts with folks making small decisions. It adds up. At each step we see if we can make a choice that reflects a positive choice; recycled materials, ethical insurance and renewable energy. Choosing business partners that respect human rights and the environment.

Overall we hope our work and efforts make the world spin a little better. Annually we donate a portion of our sales to Human Rights Watch to support diversity, equity and inclusion for everyone.

We hope you find our ceramics unique handmade items that you and your family use daily for many years.