Ceramic Care and Handling

Ceramics made to last a lifetime. 

We fire our handmade ceramics to 1236ºC (cone 6). The final ceramics are considered “mid-fired ceramics.” The result is a durable ceramic piece ready for daily use, though they are intended for serving rather than cooking.

Ceramic Care and Handling

We test our clay bodies and glazes to ensure they are performing properly so they last as expected. You can feel confident the ceramics we make by hand are durable and will last in your home. The following items will help extend the life of your ceramics, so you can have them for years to come.

Ceramic care and handling

You can place them in the dishwasher alongside your other dishes. If you want to be super careful you can hand wash them. Our dishwasher is full of our ceramics daily and they are just fine years later.

In selecting a dishwashing detergent try and avoid more acidic and abrasive brands that can degrade ceramic glazes. More environmentally friendly detergents help protect your dishes.

Our ceramics are fine to put in the microwave and refrigerator. Though try not to temperature shock ceramics by heating or cooling them rapidly.

It's best not to use them in the oven, they are not ovenproof. Also do not use them on a stovetop expose them to open flame.

When placing them in a dishwasher, rinse them off, try not to let them touch each other where they can rub against each other. Avoiding heat drying can also help. Finally some dishwashers have a gentle setting, that will also help reduce wear on our and any ceramics in general.

Parts of some of our ceramics are unglazed. As we produce stoneware it’s non-porous and completely vitrified. On the unglazed surface when using it you may see oil markings. As you continue to use the ceramics the marking on the unglazed areas will even out. This marking of the unglazed areas does affect in any way the safety of our ceramics.

None of our ceramic glazes contain lead. We hand make all of our glazes from scratch so we know exactly what we are putting in them. All of our ceramics are made by us in our ceramics studio in Barcelona, so we know all the ingredients we are using to make them and where they come from.

If your ceramics get marked by soft metal silverware you can hand wash them with a powder detergent with the active ingredient oxalic acid. It’s a natural compound that's found in rhubarb and spinach and works at a molecular level to break the bonds of stains like rust and lime deposits. You’ll find it available in most hardware stores.

The glaze is stronger than the soft metal so any metal marks do not go into the glaze rather it marks the top. That’s why you can wash it off.

Your ceramics can get stained by very acidic food - like tomato based pasta sauce, if it is used to store the food for days. Remember that our ceramics are for serving food not storing food. If your ceramics get stained wash them by hand with the powder detergent mentioned above.

A few other items about our ceramics. Don't drop them on the floor. They will probably break. We can attest to this.

Please remember, don't be afraid to use them. We make them to be used and enjoyed. Don't lock them away in a cabinet, it makes them sad.