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Taller Gingell Barcelona

Clay Extruder Solid Form Die Expansion Set

Clay Extruder Solid Form Die Expansion Set

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Solid Form Die Expansion Set: Create a Variety of Solid Shapes

  • Three piece die set for making bars, tiles, and slabs
  • Anodised aluminium construction for durability
  • Create twists, braids, mouldings, handles, and coils
  • Produce shapes of various sizes and lengths without seams
  • Enhances the functionality of your clay extruder
  • Fits the Brent HD extruder with a 10 cm interior diameter

Versatile Shapes | Seamless Forms | Durable Construction | Enhanced Functionality

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One-of-a-kind Ceramics

Handmade in downtown Barcelona, Spain with locally sourced clays. Made using renewable energy to create everyday durability and a sustainable future.