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Taller Gingell Barcelona

AMACO Semi-Moist Underglaze Set #109

AMACO Semi-Moist Underglaze Set #109

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Painting on Ceramics: Semi-moist Underglaze

Discover the Vibrant Palette: Set #109 includes the vibrant colors of Bright Yellow, Lilac, Medium Blue, Mahogany Brown, Pink, Turquoise, Warm Green, and Warm Gray. These semi-moist underglazes respond like watercolors, becoming more opaque with layered application and more transparent when diluted with water. Blend and dilute to achieve a wide variety of effects for your ceramic projects.

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Dinnerware Safe
ASTM D-4236

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Brush Painting on Ceramics: Semi-Moist Underglaze

Our vibrant semi-moist underglazes offer intense, opaque hues ideal for detailed watercolour effects. Packaged in convenient pans, they apply effortlessly with water and a brush. Pink, Maroon, Peach, Rose, and Yellow remain vivid up to Cone 6; other colours fire up to Cone 10.

Care information

AMACO Semi-Moist Underglaze for Painting

Please note that dinnerware producers are responsible for ensuring their finished products meet the necessary safety standards. This includes adhering to all governmental regulations for testing, product safety, and obtaining the appropriate safety certifications in the country where the items are sold.

Product considerations

Ceramic Glaze Brush Painting: Semi-Moist Underglaze

Semi-Moist Underglazes, packaged in pans like watercolours, apply with water and brush. Pink, Maroon, Peach, Rose, and Yellow hold colour up to Cone 6, while other colours fire up to Cone 10.

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One-of-a-kind Ceramics

Handmade in downtown Barcelona, Spain with locally sourced clays. Made using renewable energy to create everyday durability and a sustainable future.