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REC Barcelona Citizen Currency

VIDEO: Here is a 1 minute video showing how to buy on and pay with the REC app. You save 33%!

Valid - September 2022 - February 2023

Pay online or in-person.

Shop, learn and save at Taller Gingell and support Barcelona arts and culture.

Yes, everything is 33 to 50% off all in-person purchases starting 1 September 2022.

Yes, all of our Barcelona ceramics classes are on sale.

Our ceramics and ceramics classes are all 33 to 50% off.

We are excited and honoured to be chosen for this local community program. Please support all the local cultural businesses and organisations who are participating.

How do I buy on your website?

Here is a 1 minute video showing how to buy on and pay with the REC app online or in person. You save 33%!

What is it?


The program is sponsored and supported by the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

The REC (Real Economy Currency) is Barcelona’s social currency, a type of social or local currency. It is a complementary form of payment to the euro, allowing transactions in a community between individuals, institutions and businesses that accept it.

Download the app from Apple Store and Google Play

How does it work?

With the REC app users can carry out any transaction and put RECS into circulation. Its functions include paying in shops, receiving payments from customers, sending money to another person and monitoring all your transactions.

50% More Arts and Culture

Every €1 you add to the REC app you receive €1,50 to spend. 50% More for FREE.

For example if you add €100 to the REC Cultural you receive €150 to spend at all participating stores and organisations.

Support the Neighborhood

1. Download the app “rec Barcelona” from Play Store and Apple Store
2. Register as a user and accept the use conditions
 3. Make the REC Cultural circulate, using it to make and receive payments!


Extra savings at Taller Gingell - special offers in the REC app

Barcelona clases de cerámica

Make sure to check the "offers" section of the REC Cultural section of the app, we've added additional offers and savings. Special offers up to 50% in savings.

Download the app from Apple Store and Google Play

Learn more about REC Barcelona Citizen Currency at the official website.

We hope to see you at our workshop and showroom soon!