Uniquely Handmade

There's only one. Our collection of functional table and home wares are one of a kind and offered for sale as they come out of the kiln.
Handmade Ceramics

Each one is handmade and will show slight variations and patterns. The ceramic shapes, colors, and decorations constantly change and evolve.

What does “there’s only one” mean?

When offered for sale each piece is photographed, documented and given a unique inventory number and is a quantity of one. When you buy our ceramics you get that exact piece and it is removed from inventory.

Will you make more?

We constantly change our designs and shapes. We make small batches of shapes, colors, glazes. Some have similar designs, but no two are the same. As these designs are changing all the time, come back to explore new shapes and colors - season to season kiln load to kiln load.

That’s what we mean that for each piece “there’s only one.”