Sustainable Production

In running our small studio we’ve made choices to try and make the world a little better.



Big change starts with folks making small decisions. It adds up. At each step we see if we can make a choice that reflects a positive choice:

  • Wind and solar electricity - your ceramics are kiln fired with 100% renewable energy so you are not adding global warming
  • Respect human rights - we purchase ethical insurance that does not fund wars, that respects human rights and the environment so you are too
  • Recycled materials - production and shipping materials are chosen for their recycled content, minimizing plastic use and reduction of waste
  • Take action - Annually we contribute to Human Rights Watch in support of diversity, equity and inclusion.

We’re not perfect, but we try to make the world a little bit better with each business decision. Buying raw materials and product we put these principles to practice as best we can. We hope these choices also are reflected in our handmade ceramics and allows you to know how your ceramics are made.