Intensive Handbuilding Course

  • Master key ceramic skills
  • Hands-on ceramics experience
  • Includes all materials and aprons
  • Duration: 5 days, 20 hours
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    Intensive ceramic class

    A one-week course of dedicated teaching and studio work.

    Ideal for mastery of key ceramics skills and enjoy dedicated time to build a body of work.

    Your teacher, Wendy, will lead during this 20 hour course over 5 days.

    Sign-up on your own or with a friend - this is an open, friendly environment. No prior ceramics experience is necessary.

    Everything is included. No need to bring anything special with you. We’ll have an apron ready for you.

    Each student can select up to 5 items to kiln fire.

    Instruction is in Spanish and /or English based on your preferences.

    What you’ll learn and what we’ll do.

    The course is 5 consecutive four hour classes Monday - Friday. Each class is designed to introduce specific techniques during the first two hours. The second two hours are individual construction with dedicated instruction.

    Learn essential handbuilding techniques.

    These skills are used to create functional and sculptural work. This provides the foundation for nearly any handbuilding project. By the end of this course you learn many clay hand building techniques and produce some unique ceramic pieces.

    This course is suitable for all levels.

    What’s included?

    ✓ Aprons

    ✓ Ceramic Modeling Tools

    ✓ Clay

    ✓ Kiln Firings

    ✓ WIFI

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