Day 1: Barcelona coronavirus, how are we impacted?

14 March 2020 - Barcelona coronavirus, how are we impacted?

Here in Barcelona we are preparing for a bit of a bump. We are under day 1 of mandatory lock down of 2 weeks that might be extended in Barcelona. 

Please think what if, this level of restriction might come to you. It wouldn't be a bad idea for your family and businesses to plan immediately.

We are not trying to invoke alarm, but our lives are currently disrupted. 

Barcelona is an amazing community that is responding with world class systems and response. The government is communicating wonderfully with the coordination of the federal government in Madrid.

Please care for yourself, your family and your neighbours. 

What should I think about, that I might forget?

Please think how you can help your neighbors. How can you feed them and help them?

Compassion, help, truth, facts, science, no fear, kindness - better be stacking it up.

Think homeless, mental health, physically/mentally challenged, poor they need your help. We are registered with all of our abilities and services to help with our local chamber of commerce. We have our neighbours contact information.

Where can I get information about infections?

Our number of infections in Spain are growing right now and the government is working very hard to make them go down.

As we understand, we need to minimize contact to not spread the virus, so the less you need to have contact with others better. The goal is to lower the infection so the folks that do need help can get it in an orderly fashion and help out the medical folks.

It would be a good idea to follow the statistics provided by your government and the world health organization. 

Can we go out and get what we need?

Yes food, medicines and doctor visits. That’s it. There are police out stopping you and making sure you should be out.

What should I get that I wouldn't think of?

We got some extra dog food, medicine and some extra shelf stable food. Some beans, rice and so on. Just trying to limit the number of times we leave the house for two weeks. Though we are trying to be reasonable so everyone can get food and supplies. There is no need to stockpile.

We did get some hand moisturizer as we are washing our hands much more often.

Remember do not panic (be a responsible kind human), this is not the zombie apocalypse. You're just trying to not get your friends and neighbors sick so that you don’t overwhelm the health system. Just be a responsible citizen and remember to wash your hands.

If you can help folks prepare that need help please do that. Everyone is human and susceptible to infection. Go help them, please.

What surprised you the most?

The speed of the spread of the infections and government action to get it under control. On Friday we thought maybe/possibly we could have the government close some businesses next week. Less than 24 hours later the stay at home rule was announced. And so here we are at home for 2 weeks.

Though we can confirm from Spain the Earth is still spinning and the sun did come up today. Life goes on.

How does this affect business in general?

It’s really impacting small businesses - particularly “stores”. Unfortunately like ours.


Right now.

One family member may leave the house to:

  • Buy food
  • Go to pharmacy
  • Go to work (if your business is open, office like stuff)

There are police on the street and they stop everyone. They send you home and give you a ticket if you’re not following the rules. 100€ to ½ million. They are not messing around.

The only “stores” open besides hospitals and essential services (telephone, electric, water etc)

Stuff that’s open (not sure this is 100% correct).

  • Pharmacies
  • Grocery stores
  • Tobacco stores (it's Spain)
  • Laundry mats
  • Cellphone stores
  • News stands
  • Animal supply stores
  • Hair dressers (sanitary reasons)
  • Gas stations

How does this affect our ceramics business?

  • Our storefront showroom business is closed.
  • The markets where we sell ceramics are closed.
  • Our “ceramics bike” is parked for the next few weeks - darn.

We are open online taking orders, but shipping might be delayed a bit.

Thankfully we can take orders and make. Our lead time is 4 - 5 weeks and we have enough to keep making if we keep getting orders to keep the lights on. Fingers crossed.

We’ve stocked up on clay, glaze and essentials to keep going. Lot’s of other businesses are just closed.

Need relief from all this virus stuff?

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