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Model CXC - Brent Pottery Wheel 220V Type G

Model CXC - Brent Pottery Wheel 220V Type G

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Model CXC - Brent Pottery Wheel 220V Type G

The Model CXC pottery wheel by brent® is the ultimate choice for potters seeking robust performance and reliability, particularly for creating large forms. With its heavy-duty design and powerful capabilities, the CXC is trusted by professionals who demand consistent performance for their intricate projects.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Designed to meet the needs of potters working with large forms, the CXC can handle a remarkable 300 pounds of clay continuously, providing the strength and stability required for ambitious projects.

  • brent® Classic Controller: Equipped with the brent® Classic Controller, the CXC ensures optimal torque at all speeds, maintaining constant wheel speed under varying loads for smooth operation and precise control.

  • Quiet Operation: Incorporating electronic noise filtering technology, the CXC operates quietly, minimizing distractions and creating a conducive environment for focused pottery work.

  • User-Friendly Design: The wheel features EZ-feel toggle switches for convenient access to on/off and forward/reverse functions. The forward/reverse switch includes a neutral safety position, ensuring seamless transitions when changing directions.

  • Convenient Indicator Light: An EZ-to-read indicator light protrudes from the control box, allowing potters to easily monitor the wheel's status from their stool, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Modular Connections: Designed with easy-to-service modular connections for both the motor and foot pedal, the CXC facilitates hassle-free upgrades and replacements as needed, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

The brent® Model CXC pottery wheel sets the standard for heavy-duty performance and reliability, making it the ideal choice for professional potters and artists who demand excellence in their craft.



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