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AMACO Gum Solution

AMACO Gum Solution

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AMACO® Gum Solution

Enhance Your Glazes: AMACO® Gum Solution is a versatile addition to your glazing toolkit, designed to improve the brushability of glazes and slow their drying time. This results in a more even and consistent application, ensuring your ceramic projects have a smooth finish.

Revitalize Old Glazes: If you have old, thick glazes, bring them back to their original creamy consistency by thinning the glaze with water first, then adding about a tablespoon of AMACO® Gum Solution. Adjust the amount as needed to achieve good brushability without drag. This solution prevents glazes from drying too quickly and cracking, extending their usability and enhancing their performance.

Seal Underglaze Pencils and Crayons: After using AMACO® Underglaze Pencils and Crayons, protect your work by carefully spraying or brushing a diluted coat of Gum Solution over the surface. Once dry, you can safely brush on a clear glaze without worrying about smearing the colors. The Gum Solution seal ensures your intricate designs remain intact during the glazing process.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves Brushability: Ensures smooth, even application of glazes.
  • Prevents Fast Drying and Cracking: Keeps glazes workable for longer periods.
  • Revives Old Glazes: Brings thick, aged glazes back to a creamy, usable consistency.
  • Seals Underglaze Artwork: Protects underglaze pencil and crayon designs from smearing when glazing.

AMACO® Gum Solution is an essential product for both beginners and experienced potters, providing a reliable way to maintain and enhance the quality of your glazes and underglaze artwork.



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