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AMACO PC-68 Golden Honey

AMACO PC-68 Golden Honey

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Potter's Choice-68 Golden Honey 

Introducing Golden Honey, a semi-gloss warm yellow glaze reminiscent of whipped honey. This translucent glaze exhibits a lighter break over texture and a richer color where applied thickly.

Golden Honey layers seamlessly over AMACO Celadons, other Potter's Choice, and Satin Matte glazes. However, when paired with a runny glaze, there's a possibility of glaze layering fired results running. We strongly advise testing any layering combination before applying it to a full ceramic piece.

For optimal results, shake well before use and apply three brush coats to Cone 04 bisque, allowing the glaze to dry between coats. Glaze fire to Cone 5-6. Due to potential variations in raw materials used during manufacturing, we recommend firing glazed test tiles before using each new batch number of glaze.

Product details

Dinnerware Safe
ASTM D-4236

Product highlights

Potter's Choice Glazes: Elevate Your Craft

Designed with potters in mind, the Potter's Choice glaze series brings fluid colours and stunning effects to both smooth and textured ware at Cone 5/6. Explore ceramic glaze traditions from around the world and achieve incredible results with our Potter's Choice Layering charts. Discover the limitless possibilities in your own studio!

Reduction Effects in Oxidation | Variety of Colours and Surfaces | Cone 5 - 6 | Endless Layering Combinations

Care information

Potters Choice Glaze: Colour Effects

Please note that dinnerware producers are responsible for ensuring their finished products meet the necessary safety standards. This includes adhering to all governmental regulations for testing, product safety, and obtaining the appropriate safety certifications in the country where the items are sold.

Product considerations

Cone 5 = 1184°C (at 150°C/hour for the final 100°C of firing) / 2201°F ( at 270°F/hour in the final 200°F of firing)

Cone 6 = 1241°C (at 150°C/hour for the final 100°C of firing) / 2266°F ( at 270°F/hour in the final 200°F of firing)

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One-of-a-kind Ceramics

Handmade in downtown Barcelona, Spain with locally sourced clays. Made using renewable energy to create everyday durability and a sustainable future.