Day 3 Update. Oh that one thing I forgot!

17 March 2020 - Yep, we're still here making ceramics. Rainy day, fewer folks out today.

Everyone rushed to the subway and busses today this morning. Long lines, now the city is spacing folks out. 5 to 6 people at the grocery. Basically about 10% normal street traffic and 50% of folks in the grocery buying 200% more than normal.

All the basic stuff is gone, fruit and veggies mostly gone. All fresh meats gone, though the butcher down the street has tons and his meats are super tasty.

50% of folks wearing masks, and only the occasional uninformed 20 year old acting irresponsibly. They quickly get shouted down by 80 year old folks and then the rest of the crowd joins in. They slink away.

Stuff at the grocery is not available because everyone bought 3x normal. It does not mean that there is no more coming. There is.

Cases are still growing, getting close to 10,000 and some people dying every day so far 300 and some.

Oh that one thing I forgot - dental floss.

If you can, try and shop at the local small businesses. These folks are getting decimated.

The world is still spinning and if the rain stops we'll see the sun soon.

On our Taller Gingell Facebook Page we put a link to virtual tours of art museums. Try it out if you're stuck at home. Plus a fun video from our neighbor.

Stay safe, stay with those you love and be very very kind to them - like more than normal, please.

One last thing - wash your hands!